washing machine mistakes that could break your machine

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Things to Try While Waiting for Your Heating Repair Technician to Arrive

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Are you currently getting ready for winter? Have you turned on your furnace, only to find out that it somehow stopped working over the summer? There are a number of reasons why your furnace may have stopped working. Some will require a technician to fix, and you may be able to remedy some on your own. Here are some things to try while waiting for the heating repair technician to arrive. Read More»

Washer Hoses Commonly Burst

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Having a washer at home is a nice convenience. It means you can wash your clothes whenever you want, and you aren’t having to plan trips to the laundromat to do your laundry. However, there are things that can go wrong with your washing machine. One of the most common is that your washing machine hose bursts. That can lead to flooding in your house, which is very destructive.  Causes of Broken Water Hoses Read More»

5 Nifty Tricks To Bust Odors In Your Front-Load Washing Machine

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If you are looking for a washing machine that offers water efficiency and a modern approach to doing laundry, a front-load washing machine is easily one of the best options. However fantastic these appliances are, they do have one small pitfall: the tendency to develop odors. Because this washing machine has an air-tight tub when the door is closed, it makes the appliance more susceptible to the development of mildew and mold. Read More»

How To Maintain A Dishwasher

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A dishwasher is a nice convenience to have in your kitchen. It allows you to clean and sanitize the dishes without standing at the sink for an hour and ending up with pruny hands. In order to keep your dishwasher working like new and cleaning your dishes properly, in addition to avoiding the high cost of repairs or replacement, you need to maintain your dishwasher. Maintenance on your appliance is not too difficult and can be done by yourself. Read More»

Get The Most Out Of Your Refurbished Refrigerator: Tips To Make Your Fridge More Efficient

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If you have an older fridge, you may want to consider ways that may add to the appliance’s life and performance. A refrigerator is an investment, so these tactics may help prolong the utility of your fridge, while delaying the expense of replacing it. Help your fridge work efficiently with these tips and suggestions: Check the magnetic stripping around the door. If the magnetic stripping around the door is old or worn, it may not keep the door as tightly-shut as it should. Read More»

9 Safety Tips For Using An Air Compressor

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Air compressors are an essential part of any construction project. Improperly handling the compressor can lead to a number of issues, such as overinflating items. Before using the compressor, review the safety rules with everyone who plans to use it. Wear eye protection. When using the compressor, wear eye protection gear. In the event that an item is overinflated and it explodes, the gear can protect your eyes from flying debris. Read More»