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Things to Try While Waiting for Your Heating Repair Technician to Arrive

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Are you currently getting ready for winter? Have you turned on your furnace, only to find out that it somehow stopped working over the summer? There are a number of reasons why your furnace may have stopped working. Some will require a technician to fix, and you may be able to remedy some on your own. Here are some things to try while waiting for the heating repair technician to arrive.

Replace batteries: Older thermostats would be connected directly to the heating and cooling systems via wiring within the walls. More modern thermostats may still have some wiring but may also have batteries to assist with various programming functions. And some thermostats may use no wiring at all, sending wireless signals via Bluetooth or radio instead of over a wire. As the batteries start to get low, it may become difficult or impossible for the heating and cooling system to receive the correct signals. Replacing the batteries with fresh ones may fix the issues and allow your furnace to start working again. If you didn't install the thermostat and aren't sure whether or not it uses batteries, try to gently pry off the cover. The front of the thermostat should swing away from the wall, allowing access to the batteries within. If you're worried about damaging your thermostat, your heating repair technician can show you how to open the thermostat correctly to replace the batteries.

Change filter: When a furnace isn't working properly, it's easy to forget how long it's been since the last filter change. A dirty filter can make it difficult for the furnace to draw air. This lack of airflow can cause overheating, forcing the furnace to shut down before it begins to actually heat your home. Replacing the filter will help to improve airflow, potentially causing the furnace to start working again. If replacing the filter doesn't improve airflow, your heating repair technician may need to replace the fan that circulates air within the heating system.

Clean vents: If you don't have an air conditioner or your A/C is hooked up to a different vent system than your furnace, sitting idle over summer may have allowed dust to build up or allowed spiders to build webs within your furnace ductwork. Just like a clogged filter, all of these things can reduce airflow both to and from the furnace itself. Always try to clean out your ducts and vents as much as possible before turning your furnace on for the year. If your vent system is extensive, you may want to have the ducts cleaned out professionally to help eliminate the need for calling your local heating repair technician.