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Get The Most Out Of Your Refurbished Refrigerator: Tips To Make Your Fridge More Efficient

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If you have an older fridge, you may want to consider ways that may add to the appliance's life and performance. A refrigerator is an investment, so these tactics may help prolong the utility of your fridge, while delaying the expense of replacing it.

Help your fridge work efficiently with these tips and suggestions:

Check the magnetic stripping around the door. If the magnetic stripping around the door is old or worn, it may not keep the door as tightly-shut as it should. Conduct a simple test by placing a sheet of paper between the stripping and the door; close the fridge door and watch to see if the paper slides down. If it moves, talk with an appliance repair person about replacing the magnetic stripping to make the fridge far more efficient.

Use the drawers and compartments as they are intended. The people that made your fridge have some insight into the temperatures that different foods require, so pay attention. Use the crisper drawer for fresh produce, and the dairy compartments for your cheese and butter. Meats will last longer when kept in the drawer or section indicated for these products.

Keep the dust down on the back of the fridge. Vacuum the back of the fridge routinely to keep dust from impacting the performance of your appliance. The dust can clog the fan and cause the motor to overheat, which wreaks havoc on the entire unit.

Check the dials to temperature routinely. Periodically, test the temperature of your fridge with a simple thermometer.

Fill the freezer. Your freezer will be more efficient, and use less energy, when it is full. Consider adding day-old, discounted bread to fill it up and make it work better.

Never put perishables on the door. The door on your fridge gets warmer than other areas due to it being opened and closed regularly. Don't store things like milk or meats on this door unless the manufacturer specifically recommends it.

Listen for the sound of something wrong. If your fridge is making sounds beyond a gentle hum, then it could be an indication that something is awry. Talk with appliance repair experts to determine if the fan or motor of your fridge is compromised.

Use these tips to maintain and keep an eye on your fridge's performance. These strategies may decrease the need to replace your unit, and could help it keep your food cooler. Talk with appliance repair professionals regarding cooling issues, foul smells, or strange sounds, which may indicate that the time has come for a new refrigerator.