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Three Reasons Your Refrigerator May Be Leaking Water

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Floor damage, cold socks, and a feeling of helplessness often accompany a leaking refrigerator problem. If your refrigerator is dripping and you don't know why, read through these three reasons and then check your refrigerator situation to see if any of them may apply in your case. Some leak problems require a repair technician, but others you may be able to fix on your own.

1. Refrigerator angle

If your refrigerator has recently been moved or adjusted, the angle of your refrigerator may be causing the problem. It's supposed to lean back ever so slightly. This helps the door shut automatically and also helps collected condensation drain into the drain pan. If the angle isn't correct, condensation may be missing the drain pan and dripping directly onto the floor. You can fix this problem yourself if you have someone to help you hold the fridge up. The fix involves either adjusting the front feet of your refrigerator (by screwing them out a little) or propping them up about an eighth of an inch. If this doesn't fix the problem, there may be an issue with the drain pan itself.

2. Defrost drain

If your refrigerator is leaking inside, causing a pool of water to build up inside the appliance itself, you may have another minor problem. Defrost drain blockage is an issue that you may be able to amend on your own, even without a helper. You'll need to move your frozen food, ideally to another freezer or a large insulated cooler. Then unplug the appliance and open the freezer door to allow it to thaw. You can use warm water or a warm wet cloth to thaw the drain cover enough to remove it, and then you just need to pour warm water through the drain until it's unblocked.

3. Seal problems

If water filter or ice maker seals become old and cracked, they can begin allowing water to escape. The evidence, in the form of water, can become an annoying leak. If you suspect this may be your problem, check around the ice maker and the water filter for any dampness or obvious leaks. You may need to replace seals in the affected area, or you may just need a new or different water filter.

These three problems all commonly cause leaks inside or outside the refrigerator. Most of the time you'll be able to fix the issue yourself (with a helper), but if these quick fixes don't do the job, you'll need to summon an appliance repair professional.