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How To Safely Move Your Appliances

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If you are moving, you want to make sure you are very careful with your appliances. They are heavy, and are intended to stay in one location and not be moved around a lot. This means you want to be sure you take extra care with them, so you don't cause damage or even break them during the moving process. 

Secure all inside and outside parts

You want to start by making sure you remove and secure any inside and outside parts that may move during the process. This includes shelves and drawers in the refrigerator, the burners on the stove and all the cords. To secure the cords, you can tape them to the side of the appliance. This will keep them from hitting against the appliance, getting ripped out on accident and keeping them from being tripped on.

Don't pivot your appliances

It may seem easier to pivot your appliances when you are moving them. However, this can ruin the flooring, damage the legs of the appliance and cause damage to its internal parts. The best way to move appliances is by strapping it to an appliance dolly and keeping it on the dolly for the entire moving process. You can put a moving blanket on the appliance before putting it on the dolly to avoid scratches. Make sure the dolly strap is secure.

Keep it on the dolly for traveling moves

If you are moving the appliance in a moving truck or trailer then it will be best to keep it strapped on the dolly during the move and secure the dolly and appliance to the side of the moving vehicle. Don't put other items, such as boxes, on the appliance.

Consider furniture moving saucers for room-to-room moves

Another method for moving your appliances, if you are only moving them to a different part of the house, is to use furniture moving saucers. These are flat and round plastic-like saucers you will put under each leg of the appliance. With the saucers in place, you will be able to gently and easily glide the appliance through the house to its new location.

Watch for signs of problems

When you hook your appliances back up, they should work exactly how they worked before you moved them. If you notice any strange sounds coming from them, or they don't run like they used to, then you should call an appliance repair person to come out and look at them. For more tips on moving appliances and keeping them in good shape, contact a company like Shore TV and Appliance.