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Tips On Optimizing Your Refrigerator's Operation Through Humid Weather

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Hot summer weather can be hard on your refrigerator. Your refrigerator must work extra hard to keep temperatures inside cold when the ambient temperature and the humidity levels around it are rising high.

Taking some precautions during the hot summer months can help prevent your refrigerator from becoming overworked and malfunctioning. Use the following tips to get through the hot season without needing any emergency refrigerator repairs:

Prevent and fix air leaks

Air leaks are an especially significant problem in your refrigerator during periods of hot and humid weather. They will detract from efficiency and cause your fridge to have to work extra hard. 

When it comes to preventing air leaks in a fridge, you want to be especially sure to pay attention to the door gasket. This is the part around the door of your fridge that keeps a tight seal to prevent air leaks. If the gasket becomes torn, you'll need to have it replaced or fixed to restore efficiency and air tightness. 

Don't put food in when it's hot.

When you put hot food in your fridge, your fridge has to work extra hard to get that food down to the appropriate storage temperature. Let your food cool outside of the fridge before putting it inside to avoid wasting energy and increasing demands on your fridge.  

Maintain air circulation.

Allowing for proper air circulation around the outside of your refrigerator will help your refrigerator's condenser to properly disperse excess heat.

Your refrigerator shouldn't be right up against the wall. You also want to make sure that your refrigerator isn't too full, because this might hinder air circulation on the inside. 

Pay attention to humidity.

It might be a good idea to get a hygrometer. This is a device that will tell you the temperature and humidity level throughout your refrigerator. 

With a hygrometer, you can figure out what parts of your fridge are more humid and less humid. Certain foods are better stored in more humid areas and other foods are best stored in less humid areas. With a hygrometer, you can improve the efficiency of your fridge's operation and the quality of the food you store in your fridge. 

Look out for condensation.

Condensation inside your unit could indicate that excess humidity is detracting from your refrigerator's operation. Condensation will be more likely to cause problems if you leave open food containers in your fridge that release moisture into the interior air, so keep food in sealed containers when possible. 

If you believe your fridge is struggling to keep up in the heat, contact appliance repair experts like those at A Pittsburgh Service Center.