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Front Loading Washing Machine Mold Problems – How To Put A Stop To It

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Do you have a front loading washing machine that doesn't seem to leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean? In recent months, a class action lawsuit was filed against the manufacturers that produce these machines because many of them develop mold in different areas. Once the mold has developed, it is spread throughout the clothes and can cause the clothing to smell bad and actually cause problems to those with allergies to mold. Below, you will find a few tips that can help you eliminate the mold growth in your front loader.

Utilize the Self-Clean Feature

If your front loading machine has a self-clean feature, use it! Every few weeks, press the button and let your washing machine clean itself. Then, once a month, couple the self-clean feature with the addition of a washing machine cleaning product. These products are formulated to break down any mold and hard water that could be building up in your machine.

Clean the Machine by Hand

Use a little bit of white vinegar to wipe the seals around the door. Be sure to get up under the seal as best you can, because this is where the mold is known to grow.

Remove the softener and detergent dispensers. These little units are constantly exposed to water and can quickly begin to grow mold. Once removed, soak them in very hot water, use an old toothbrush to clean them, rinse them and let them dry. This will prevent them from growing mold and dispensing mold through your clothes with the detergent and softener.

Improve the Usage Methods

So many people forget or get too busy to get wet clothes out of the washing machine. This will contribute to mold growth in the machine. Do your best to never leave wet clothes sitting for more than a few hours.

After you have finished using the machine for the day, take a minute to wipe down the door and the rubber seals. Once you have dried it, leave the door open until you need to use the machine again. This will help the air circulate and dry the inside of the machine before mold can grow.

Professional Service Call

In worst case scenarios, the mold in your washing machine could be staining your clothes and leaving them very smelly. If you have done all of the above and still notice the problem, contact your local appliance service technician like one from Appliance Doctor. He or she will have to spend some time dismantling the washing machine to reach the areas where the mold has grown and is causing the problems.